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Governor Dayton Press Conference Open Thread

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. No stream that I can embed here or anything, but there are two different sites that you can watch Governor Dayton's press conference from. Only difference is that the cameras are at slightly different angles.

Here is the link to watch it at out of Minneapolis.

Here is the link to watch it via the Star-Tribune's website.

We'll be commenting on what we see/hear as the press conference goes along.

All indications are that, as we mentioned earlier, the site is indeed going to be somewhere in Minneapolis, much to the chagrin of the Minnesota Vikings organzation (I would guess), but the Linden Avenue site appears to be the preferred location, as opposed to the Metrodome site. This would allow the Vikings to play at the Metrodome while the stadium is being built and not experience the loss of revenue they would have experienced while playing at TCF Bank Stadium while a new stadium was being built on the Metrodome site.

Presser should be starting any moment now, folks.