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Hey, The Vikings Have A New Defensive Coordinator...I Think

The team announced today it will offer the job of defensive coordinator to Alan Williams, the Indianapolis Colts defensive backs coach the past 10 seasons. He was on the same staff as Frazier for a few years, and they are reportedly good friends.

Hey, we got a guy that's going to whip the defensive secondary into shape! Woo!!

Oh, wait.

The Colts finished last in the NFL...tied with the Vikings...with 8 interceptions last year. They also finished last in passes defended. And Williams has never been a coordinator at any level. And they were pretty middle of the road for the rest of the major defensive categories. Of course, 'middle of the road' would be an improvement over 'soul sucking terrible', which is what we became accustomed to for most of the 2011 season.

So there's that, I guess.

But in other news, Fred Pagac is going to stick around and go back to coaching the linebackers, and Mike Singletary is going to have his responsibilities increased, and will now be called 'Special Assistant' to Frazier. Sooooooo, a guy who WAS the defensive coordinator and failed at it will remain on the staff as a position coach.

No, I don't see that being awkward, not at all.

Maybe it's me, but does anyone remember the end of the Denny Green era, when he hired all his buddies, and promoted Richard Solomon to the defacto special assistant, and no one really knew what the hell Solomon did?

Does anyone else get that nagging, uneasy feeling about this series of moves, or is it just me?