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Vikings Not A Candidate To Play Overseas Anytime Soon

Last season, we speculated that the Minnesota Vikings, with their stadium issues and everything else, might have been a candidate to play one of their regular season home games in London, England, as the NFL has done every year for the past five seasons. Since the Vikings are still having stadium issues, logic would have dictated them being a possible candidate once again.

Well, sufficient to say, the Vikings won't be playing in the United Kingdom in 2012. . .and, in all likelihood, they won't be playing there in 2013 or 2014 either.

The National Football League annouced today that the St. Louis Rams are already scheduled to play "home" games at Wembley Stadium every year for the next three seasons. And, while the Vikings are on the list of teams that St. Louis will be playing host to in 2012, it has already been determined that St. Louis' opponent for the game on October 28 will be the New England Patriots.

This may be the earliest that the National Football League has ever released any portion of its schedule, but there it is. We won't know anything about the other 255 games that will make up the 2012 NFL regular season until just before the draft.