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2012 NFL Draft: Could The Vikings Have Just Lost A Potential Trade Partner?

We've detailed on numerous occasions that one of the better scenarios for the Minnesota Vikings in the 2012 NFL Draft would be to find themselves in a position where teams would want to trade into their spot for a quarterback. There are certainly a few teams below them in the pecking order that could use some help at the quarterback position. However, it's quite possible that one of the more likely potential trade partners might have to be scratched off the list.

Today, the Miami Dolphins hired Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin as their new head coach, replacing interim coach Todd Bowles (who had been considered for the Vikings' defensive coordinator job). If you'll recall, Philbin lost his son in the days leading up to the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

With the hiring of Philbin, many people are immediately drawing the logical conclusion that Philbin's target to bring his talents to South Beach will be one of his former players, that being Matt Flynn. Flynn is a free agent, but it has been rumored that the Packers would franchise him, despite the $14 million price tag that a franchise tender would carry.

Flynn is very likely to end up being the starting quarterback somewhere else in 2012, but the Dolphins have been rumored to want to get their hands on a "franchise quarterback" at all costs. If Flynn is going to be their main target, that's one less team that the Vikings could potentially talk into trading up this April. The Dolphins aren't/weren't the only potential trade partner, but they were one of the more likely ones, in my opinion.