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Your 2011 NFC Championship Game Open Thread



Date: 22 January 2012
Location: San Francisco, CA
Time: 5:30 PM Central Stadium: Candlestick Park
TV: FOX Know Thy Foes: Big Blue View
Niners Nation
Chris' Prediction: Niners 23, Giants 20
Final Score: Giants 20, Niners 17 (OT)

We're just about half an hour away from the second part of this Championship Sunday in the National Football League, and this one should prove to be a knock-down, drag-out brawl between the New York Football Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

Last week, the Niners defeated the New Orleans Saints by a score of 36-32 when Alex Smith. . .yep, Alex Smith. . .capped a furious final five minutes of football with a touchdown pass to Vernon Davis to secure the victory for the NFC West Champions. Later on that afternoon, the Giants defeated not only the 11 players on the field, but the six gentlemen in the black-and-white striped shirts as they sent the Green Bay Packers. . .um, packing, with a 37-20 defeat, seriously jeopardizing the 2011 Packers' status as the OMG GREATEST TEAM EVER.

Both of these teams are playing great defense at the moment, combining to generate nine turnovers in their victories last week. That's going to be a key in this one as well, particularly if we get the sort of wet, sloppy track that is anticipated at Candlestick Park this afternoon. Yep, it's still raining in northern California, and it's forecast to rain all the way through this one as well. Ball security will be paramount, and it could very well come down to whoever has the ball last this evening. I like the Niners in this one, but I think we're in for a potential classic.

Oh, and neither the Packers nor the Saints are there to ruin it. Can't emphasize that enough.

Kickoff is about half an hour away, folks. Hang out with your fellow Viking fans and talk about this one right here!