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Christian Ponder Highlight Video

Here's some halftime entertainment for everyone to enjoy during the AFC Championship Game. Someone put together a nice little highlight reel of Vikings' quarterback Christian Ponder from this past season.

While I understand that pretty much anybody can make a highlight reel to make a player look good. . .after all, I seem to recall a Troy Williamson highlight reel floating around out there at one point in time. . .I think this one pretty much sums up why it's fairly ludicrous to suggest giving up on our rookie signal caller at this point.

Seriously, look at what the guy can do when he has a little bit of time and a receiver actually shakes loose. I think my personal favorite throw out of this entire package is towards the end, where he hits Visanthe Shiancoe against the Raiders right down the seam into tight coverage for a big gain down to the 1-yard line.

Yes, I understand that Christian Ponder was very up and down as a rookie. . .however, if we can get him an offensive line that doesn't have him facing a jailbreak on about 90% of his snaps and a guy that can stretch the field a little bit, I think we're going to be looking at a whole lot more "up" than "down" going forward.