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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Metrodome Now "Only Workable Site"

Well, then.

"The governor spoke to Mr. Zygi Wilf this afternoon and told him that if we are going to get a stadium bill passed this year, it will have to be at the Metrodome site," the governor’s spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci said. She said the Wilfs will come to Minnesota on Wednesday to meet with Dayton.

Just last week, Dayton appeared to prefer building a new stadium on Minneapolis’ Linden Avenue and said that he lacked enough information to fully recommend any site.

I really, really don't think I like where this is headed.

It certainly didn't take very long to go from "not having enough information to fully recommend a site" to "Metrodome site or bust," did it?

So now, the governor has presented the Vikings with an ultimatum. . .either we're going to build on your least favorite site, the site that is going to cost you an extra $70 million between changes/improvements that will have to be made to TCF Bank Stadium to make it NFL-caliber in the interim and the income you're going to lose from playing in a stadium that holds 10,000 fewer people, or pound sand.

Quite frankly, for Zygi Wilf. . .and it pains me to say this. . .the "pounding sand" option is probably looking more and more favorable.

I can't help but think that this is not going to end favorably for our favorite football team. Discuss.