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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Sudden Stadium Site Switch Solved

Last night, we speculated about how it was, exactly, that Governor Mark Dayton changed his tune from "Well, we really like the site on Linden Avenue" to "the only viable site is the Metrodome."

Well, WCCO-TV reporter Pat Kessler appears to have found the reason.

Apparently Dayton didn't feel compelled to fight the Catholic Church on this whole thing, and that made his choice for a location for a potential new Vikings' stadium that much easier.

Zygi and Mark Wilf are scheduled to have a meeting with Governor Dayton tomorrow at 9:30 AM Central time. . .doesn't appear to be the sort of thing that's going to be streamed/televised, so we'll have to wait for the press conferences afterwards to get any sort of information. But, as soon as any information is available, we will have it.