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What's A 'Solomon Elimimian'? A Nigerian Born Mack Truck, That's What

One last good night post before I head off to bed. And I promise, no stadium talk.

Hey, remember last year when the Vikes signed CFL WR Emmanuel Arceneaux, and a lot of people were really stoked about it? I never really bought into it, and some of you guys and gals probably thought I was a bigger dope than normal. I've always been of the opinion guys signed by a 6 (now 3) win team from the CFL really aren't going to make an impact.

I might be changing my mind.

The Vikes announced they signed Solomon Elimimian (SERIOUSLY Vikings, can we sign somebody named Smith or Jones? C'mon man), late of the BC Lions of the CFL. He was the CFL Rookie of the Year, and was also voted the CFL's Hardest Hitter. He went undrafted out of Hawaii, and was there all time leading tackler.

I normally kind of poo-poo these moves, but the hardest hitter award had me intrigued, so I looked on You Tube to see if there was any video of this kid.

Yes...yes there is. And

The Vikings need competition at linebacker, and this kid looks like he can put the wood to people. I'm getting on board the Elimimian E-Train. Join me, won't you?