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L.A. Is 'Dead' To The NFL, At Least For 2012

The Pioneer Press is reporting that the NFL has declared that it is 'quite unlikely' that a move could be made by an NFL franchise (ahem, the Vikings, ahem) to Los Angeles in 2012, virtually assuring that Vikes will be in Minnesota at least through 2012.


So for now, Los Angeles is dead. Long live Minnesota. But for the long term in regards to L.A. and the Vikings...I want them dead. I want L.A. dead. I want their stadium plans burned to the ground. Yeah, this is kind of how I feel (some NSFW language in the clip):

With Los Angeles (and with the way the NFL sounded in that PP story, just about any other city that was developing some kind of plan to get the Vikes) essentially off the table, there is no chance of the Vikings moving in 2012. And that's a great deal, obviously.

When you pair that with the positive language coming out of yesterday's meeting between the Wilfs, the Governor, and other key players in the stadium legislation, it's been a very good two days for fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

My only concern now is that with this one year reprieve, Minnesota politicians will once again become afflicted with 'Kick The Can Down The Road' syndrome, a disease that has affected them for at least 7 or 8 years on this subject. Politicians in general, and Minnesota politicans in particular, generally don't tend to act on something until there is a sense of urgency not unlike having to pee after drinking a pot of coffee or a pitcher of beer. Or both.

And while this reprieve buys them time, it doesn't permanently guarantee the Vikes will be in Minnesota in the long run, so everybody, let's get a stadium deal done, okay?