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Hey, Everybody! Chillyball Is Back!

Today, former Minnesota Vikings' head coach Brad Childress was named the offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. Childress took a year off from the National Football League after he was fired as the Vikings' coach during the 2010 season, working as an analyst in the meantime.

The one thing that makes this somewhat important from a Vikings' perspective is that the Wilfs are off the hook for some of Childress' salary. Granted, the Vikings will have to make up the difference between what his salary would have been with the Vikings and the money he's making to be Cleveland's offensive coordinator, but it still knocks some of Childress' salary off of the Minnesota books.

One has to wonder what this might mean for the Browns' draft prospects, namely their pursuit of Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. After all, Childress does fancy himself as some sort of quarterback genius, despite the fact that every quarterback that he had (save for 2009 Brett Favre) was average or worse. Maybe he'll be under the impression that he can work some more of his "magic" with a later prospect and not have any interest in the Heisman Trophy winner. Then again, I'm guessing he's not going to have the same say over personnel that he did in Minnesota, either. . .there isn't a Triangle of Authority in Cleveland, after all.

But, yes, Chilllyball is alive and well in the NFL again. Celebrate this how you will.