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Squares Pool Slots Becoming More Scarce

We're over halfway home when it comes to filling up our Super Bowl Squares board, ladies and gentlemen. As it stands right now, we have filled 57 of the 100 available spots, meaning that there are only 43 more spots up for grabs. (Yes, the site says there are 44 available, but one of our folks actually sent in money for five squares when they thought they were only sending money in for four and, after further discussion, he is going to choose another one whenever he gets around to it.)

Of those 56 squares, 50 are currently all paid for. If I have you down for selecting squares and have not received a PayPal payment from you, I have contacted you via e-mail.

Again, the PayPal address for the payments is DailyNorseman at GMail dot com (again substituting the proper symbols in the proper places). Also, once again, when you send the payments in this direction, make sure to put "Other" as your reason for payment, or else a fee will get charged between the time it leaves your wallet and the time it enters the PayPal account.

Once again, this is the information you need in order to get into the game for your chance to win a couple hundred of dollars, and help us in our goal to donate $1,000 to Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors.

The board is located at the following web address:

The username you will want to access the board with is dnh4ww, and the password is skol. Both of those are in all lower case, just like you see there. Remember, the cost is $20 per square.

Super Bowl XLVI is a week from Sunday, ladies and gentlemen. Squares are going fast, so if you want to get into the pool, you need to get there fast!