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Adrian Peterson Comes In At Number Six On ESPN "Any Era" Team

A bit tardy in getting to this one, but it was one that we all saw coming anyway, for the most part.

Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson was, indeed, named to ESPN's Any Era Team on Thursday, with their panel of 20 current Hall of Famers slotting him at number six on the list. He was one of only two running backs on the list, along with Baltimore's Ray Rice.

I particularly like the comment made by former Viking John Randle about Peterson, as it pretty accurately sums up Peterson's running style.

"It’s almost like Adrian Peterson plays like he had a dream the night before that he was going to break a big play. That desire is there every time he touches the ball, that it's going to be a big play. When he gets tackled, he doesn't go down. He's trying his hardest to stay up, telling himself, 'If I can just get my legs free I’m going to score.' That's what makes it fun looking at him and watching him play -- you are expecting the same thing that he is expecting on every play. His desire is visible to everyone out there."

That desire is part of the reason it isn't completely crazy to think that Peterson is going to come back from his recent knee injury as every bit the back that he was before he got hurt. I know that's what we're all hoping for.