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Kluwe Among Players Selected To Take Part In "NFL Business Of Music Boot Camp"

We're all well aware that punter Chris Kluwe is one of the Minnesota Vikings' more interesting characters. In addition to being an avid gamer and (for my money) the best follow on Twitter, he's also part of a band called Tripping Icarus. He's the bass player for Tripping Icarus, and came by that after he got so good at Guitar Hero that one of his friends said, "You should try playing an actual guitar." So, he did.

His experience with Tripping Icarus has, apparently, gotten him noticed by the National Football League, as he is among 20 current and former players that has been invited to take part in the NFL's first "Business of Music Boot Camp." The camp will take place from February 27 to March 1, and will be held at New York University's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

Vikings fans will recognize at least one of the other names on the list, as former Vikings' (and current Baltimore Ravens) offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie is on the list as well. Towards the end of his Vikings' career, McKinnie got into promoting some rap acts down in Miami (and other places), and apparently the NFL has taken notice of that, too. I'm guessing that none of those bands are as talented as Tripping Icarus, but that shouldn't keep McKinnie from participating.

And, with this final mention of Tripping Icarus, we have given them the five mentions that Donovan McNabb was supposed to give them when Kluwe agreed to give him his jersey number before the season. Should we ever bump into Kluwe, we will ask for. . .nay, demand. . .ice cream. With sprinkles. At which point he would likely laugh at us, but hey. . .you can't fault us for trying.