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The Squares Pool Update Where We Set A Deadline

As of this very moment, there are 31 spots left in our Super Bowl Squares pool to benefit Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors. Of the 69 spots that have been claimed, 61 of them have been paid for.

As I mentioned in an earlier update, I realize that the first is payday for a lot of folks and that some of you might be waiting for that before you jump into the pool. However, I want to make sure that everything is bought and paid for by the time the big game comes around.

Super Bowl XLVI is one week from today, February 5. With that in mind, I am putting in the following disclaimer:

If I have not received some sort of PayPal message from you by midnight Central time on Thursday, February 2 (which is 10 PM on Wednesday, February 1 where I'm at), you will be removed from the pool and your squares will become available to whoever wants them.

I'm serious about raising this money for Jared Allen's charity, folks. . .and I did ask that people send the money before committing to spots in the pool. So, I'm giving those folks a chance to get their money sent in. I will contact the people that have claimed spots without paying via e-mail. . .no public shaming.

So, once again, here is the relevant information for our Super Bowl Squares pool.

Board location:
Board username: dnh4ww (all lowercase)
Board password: skol (all lowercase)

When you go through PayPal, be sure to use "Other" as your reason for payment to attempt to avoid fees. If your account is unverified, a fee will be charged anyway.

Thanks to everyone that has stepped up so far. . .by the time the big game comes around, we'll have everything ready to go!