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Check Out What The Players Will Be Wearing At The Pro Bowl

The folks at Nike are taking over the NFL's uniforms starting next season. While the uniforms won't be changing all that much, the Nike people will be adding a few things. Yesterday, they released pictures of the new "Vapor Jet" gloves that teams will be wearing this season.

If you go to their FaceBook page, you'll be able to see all of them. . .but let's get real. I know there's only one picture you all are interested in. So, here it is:


Yeah, pretty sweet looking, if I might say so.

I wouldn't expect any radical changes from Nike on the uniforms otherwise, though. . .certainly nothing like the "concept" drawings that were floating around the web a few months ago, in any case. I know a lot of folks aren't huge fans of the uniforms that the Vikings went to a few years ago and that they should go back to the jerseys they wear for "throwback" games. Maybe this will give them an opportunity to do that. Who knows for sure?