Kyle Rudolph up for play of the year

This year, the NFL is handing out their annual awards in an awards show format, ala the Oscars / Grammy's / Golden Gloves etc. Well, apparently they are offering some new awards too, and one our very own tight end extraordinaire Kyle Rudolph is up for. has set up voting for the top plays of the year and they've narrowed down to the top 20. Well, in a season of disappointment, we did have one shining moment against the Broncos. Mr. Rudolph caught a pretty ridiculous catch against Denver's corner, over the dude's back, with his finger tips. Held onto it for about 5 steps, kept control again, and didn't go to the ground so we didn't have to deal with the pesky complete the process aka calvin johnson rule.

I suggest everyone go and vote for Kyle Rudolph. we know he's not going to win, b/c the touch down flip from Simpson of the Bengals will more than likely win. Though there are a few cool plays

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