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Toby Gerhart Has Torn MCL

The Pioneer Press is reporting today that Toby Gerhart suffered a torn MCL in the season closer against Chicago, which was later confirmed by Leslie Frazier. However, there has not been a decision on surgery yet; remember, an MCL tear is not like an ACL tear and does not always require surgery. According to Frazier, the issue will be revisited roughly in three weeks time to make a decision on that.

Of course, with Adrian Peterson down until AT LEAST the 2012 season opener (and let's face it, that's still a tad optimistic- but hey, my hopes are up), this will mean we could have both of our running backs getting surgery on and rehabbing knees over the offseason. I'm not sure what the recovery time on an MCL is, and whether or not surgery might put Gerhart's status for the 2012 season opener in jeopardy, as well.

In all likelihood, this means that the team will be taking closer looks at Lorenzo Booker and Caleb King. Obviously, we do need a third running back- preferably, a pure third-down back with AP/ Gerhart providing a double-headed rushing hydra of destruction.

Anyone hear anything about what Chester Taylor's been up to lately?