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Jared Allen Near-Unanimous Choice For NFL All-Pro Team

The Associated Press announced their 2011 NFL All-Pro team just a few minutes ago and, not surprisingly, defensive end Jared Allen is the lone representative for the Minnesota Vikings.

It's not surprising that Allen made the team or anything. . .far from it. What's a bit surprising is just how overwhelming his selection was.

(Detroit Lions' receiver Calvin) Johnson and Allen each received 49 votes Friday from a nationwide panel of 50 media members who regularly cover the NFL. It's the fourth All-Pro team for Allen, who led the league with 22 sacks, one-half short of the record. Johnson makes it for the first time after hauling in 96 catches for a 17.5-yard average and scoring 16 touchdowns.

I sure would like to know who the guys were that decided that Calvin Johnson and Jared Allen didn't deserve to be on the All-Pro team. Seriously, who were you going to vote for in their places?

Congratulations to Jared Allen on this tremendous honor, and putting a nice cap onto one of the truly great individual seasons in recent memory.