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Saturday Football Open Thread

Now, I suppose I could have labeled this the "Wild Card Saturday" Thread or something like that, but to do that would ignore the most important football game of the afternoon.

At noon Central time on ESPN2, the North Dakota State University Bison will be battling the Sam Houston State Bearkats for the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) Championship. FCS is what used to be known as I-AA, for the uninitiated. The Bearkats were the top seed in this year's FCS tournament, and the Bison were the second seed. NDSU won numerous national championships during their time in Division II, and this is their first opportunity for one at the FCS level.

Weird. . .deciding your championship via a tournament rather than a ridiculous series of meaningless bowl games. What a novel idea.

Sure, the Cincinnati Bengals will be taking on the Houston Texans at 3:30 PM Central on NBC, and the Detroit Lions will be taking on the New Orleans Saints at 7 PM Central on the same network, but seriously. . .there's championship football on today, ladies and gentlemen.

So, if you're going to be watching any or all of the games this afternoon, you can talk about them all right here. If there are any breaking news stories this afternoon, we'll have them here straight away, but in the meantime, go Bison!