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Jim Kleinsasser Caption Contest Winner

<strong>And the winning caption is...</strong>
And the winning caption is...

Eventually, the day may come with the folks here at the Daily Norseman no longer have a huge, collective man-crush on 13-year Minnesota Viking Jim Kleinsasser. Yes, eventually, that may happen, but it doesn't look like it will happen any time soon. Between the Track 9 challenge for the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 and this caption contest, there's been a lot of love for Kleinsasser flying around the site lately.

That affection has prompted some great submissions for the caption contest.

Whose caption reigned supreme and will win the dubious honor of our crown? Find out after the jump.

Coming in at third is a selection from CCNorseman that kind of captured what a lot of us felt about the media paying attention to Kleinsasser's quietly remarkable career as a blocking tight end only after he announced that he was retiring following the 2011 season.

"Oh, NOW you all want my picture? Now that I’m retiring and this is my final game? What about all those times I was blocking? Didn’t care then, huh?"

Second goes to nmvikesfan. Players don't last for 13 years in the NFL with the team that drafted them by phoning it in or taking plays off. *cough*RandyMoss*cough* Jim Kleinsasser lasted through a couple ownership groups and four different head coaches because he worked hard on the field and didn't cause trouble for the team off the field. Call it a Midwestern work ethic or small town values, but that attitude and production made Kleinsasser a starter and kept him one. It also made him a favorite with us.

"Real heros don’t wear capes, they just show up and work their butt off everyday for thirteen years and don’t expect a pat on the back."

When I polled the other DN writers about which caption should be our first-place winner something very strange happened, we all agreed. But how could we not agree on this selection? This caption combined some of our favorite things, Jim Kleinsasser, Chris "Warcraft" Kluwe, and non sequitur. Submitted by igjoe, the winning caption is...

Media: "Jim, you’ve had a great career in Minnesota playing as the guy behind the scenes. All the attention is on you now, is there anything you’d like to say?"

Jim: "Tripping Icarus."

Congratulations igjoe on winning our dinged up Burger King crown! May you wear it with pride and a hefty sense of the ridiculous. My thanks to everyone who submitted a caption for this contest and to the DN writers who helped me select a winner.