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Chad Greenway Makes Pro Bowl For First Time

The Minnesota Vikings got a second player into the Pro Bowl today, as it was announced that linebacker Chad Greenway will be getting the nod. Greenway had been an alternate, but after Chicago's Lance Briggs pulled out because of an ankle injury, the sixth-year man from Iowa (by way of South Dakota) was chosen to go in his place.

Greenway was the Vikings' leading tackler in 2011, racking up 174 tackles this past season. He signed a long-term deal with the Vikings just prior to the start of the season after being designated as the team's franchise player just prior to the lockout taking place. When it came time for the Vikings to choose a player to use their tag on, they chose Greenway over defensive end Ray Edwards and wide receiver Sidney Rice. It came as a surprise to some, but looking at the seasons those other two players put together in 2011, it would appear that the Vikings made the right choice.

As strange as it sounds, I seem to remember a lot of people. . .myself included. . .sounding as though they were disappointed with Greenway's play this season, but apparently the people who are experts at this sort of thing weren't among them. Hopefully a coaching change in 2012 will help him out even more.

Congratulations to Chad Greenway on being named to the NFC Pro Bowl squad!