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NFL Week 6 Early Games Open Thread

With the Minnesota Vikings kicking off late today, we get an opportunity to watch some of the other action across the National Football League. Yep, it certainly seems to me like a Red Zone Channel kind of day.

As far as the NFC North is concerned, the Chicago Bears are on their bye this week, meaning that if the Vikings win they will move into sole possession of first place in the NFC North. The Detroit Lions will be part of the early slate of NFL games, while the Green Bay Packers are part of this week's Sunday Night Football match-up.

Here's the full list of NFL action for today.

CBS Early Games

Oakland Raiders at Atlanta Falcons
Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns
Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

FOX Early Games

Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens
Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles
St. Louis Rams at Miami Dolphins

CBS Late Games That You Hopefully Won't Be Watching Anyway

New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks
Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals

FOX Late Game That You Hopefully Won't Be Watching Anyway

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

Sunday Night Football on NBC

Green Bay Packers at Houston Texans

Monday Night Football on that network that hates the Minnesota Vikings

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. If you're killing time before today's game, what better way to do it than watching football with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans!