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Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Well, since pretty much everyone is going to be watching it, here's an open thread for this week's Sunday night football game on NBC.

The game will feature one of the NFL's last two undefeated teams, the Houston Texans (5-0) hosting our NFC North rivals, the Green Bay Packers (2-3). Regardless of what happens in this one, the Vikings will remain in sole possession of second place in the NFC North and will continue to have a share of the NFC's second-best record. Had you said that to anybody prior to the season. . .that the Vikings would be 4-2 after the first six games. . .they probably would have thought you were crazy. But, that's where we stand at the present time.

So, if you're going to be watching the game anyway, hang out here with your fellow Vikings fans and discuss the game and whatever else, including whether or not Faith Hill really does get more attractive every year she does one of these Sunday Night Football opening videos.