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Oh HAI John Skelton How U Feel?

Arizona will turn to John Skelton Sunday at the Metrodome

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are probably a team even more surprising than the Minnesota Vikings this year, but they've got a problem heading into Sunday's game at Mall of America Field against the Vikings.

It's been reported that Kevin Kolb will miss several weeks due to a rib injury, and will be replaced by backup John Skelton.

But John Skelton beat out Kevin Kolb in the preseason and was named the starter... but was replaced by Kolb in their season opening win against Seattle when Skelton was...wait for it...WAIT FOR IT...injured in the fourth quarter.

But prior to his injury, Skelton had would one put it...flat out terrible in the season opener, going 16-38 with 194 yards, no TD's, amd 2 picks. With Levi Brown, Beanie Wells and now Kolb out, the Cardinals offense is a mess. Their line has been a sieve, and with an untested backup this provides the Vikings defense a golden opportunity to take control of the game. The Cardinals quarterbacks have been hit hardfer than Mexican pinatas this year, and if anyone saw the Thursday night game against the Rams, you got the feeling that it was a matter of time before Kolb got knocked out with an injury.

So after a 4-2 start, the Cardinals have now lost two straight, and have now lost their starting quarterback. It feels like this is a golden opportunity for the Vikings to get back into the win column.