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Floridian Vikings Fan Get-Together

Let's get together and have a good time. Plus, you'll make me look less crazy because I won't be screaming alone.


I promised and have thusly delivered. Last year a handful of us Floridian Viking fans gathered to watch Christian Ponder's starting NFL debut against Green Bay; while it was a loss, it was a decent time had by all. (I think, anyways.) This is something I plan to do every season at least once- this year it's definitely once, even though I had initially hoped to host one in Clearwater and another in Orlando.

Anyhoo, this year I've selected the December 9th game against Chicago, 1pm Eastern Time, as the game for gathering. The location will be, as of right now, AJ's Sports Bar and Grill on Ulmerton Rd. in Largo, FL. (I have address, directions and contact info for both myself and AJ's below.) I say as of right now because I would like to double-check with any attendees whether that location is alright, as it does have smoking indoors. I'll say it's not like walking into a cloud by any means, but it is there, and if that's an issue post away ASAP in the comments below and I'll adjust the venue. I select AJ's because while I typically am the only Viking-rooting patron there, the owner is a Vikings fan and I'd love to support him thusly. (Also, the beer is cheap and the food- yes, they serve food- is delicious.) But again, there is that smoking thing, and if that's an issue there's no problem finding a good alternate locale.

As I did last year I would politely request an RSVP, just so that I can reserve seating at AJ's (they don't typically do that, but again, with the owner being a Vikings fan and all, he's accommodating me). You can RSVP via email, text, phone call (I screen my calls so leave a VM), or just posting in the comments here. Honestly, you can RSVP at 12:45pm. And really even if you don't RSVP it's not like I'm going to make you sit in a corner for showing up, but be aware if 10 people show up unannounced I can't guarantee any seating situations.

Last year IIRC we were four, myself included. I don't care if it's just one of you. I look considerably less crazy going ballistic for Vikings games (I promise I will try to control myself, I think I did pretty good last year) if I'm not alone.

So, if you live in Florida, or hell even if you don't but are for whatever reason inclined to visit the Sunshine State, RSVP via the info below (or in the comments) and I'll see ya Sunday, December 9th at 1pm!

AJ's Sports Bar and Grill:
7210 Ulmerton Rd, #A, Largo, FL 33771
(727) 539-6760
From I-4: Exit onto I-275 S, take exit 31 for FL-688 W/ Ulmerton Rd (shortly after you cross over the Howard Franklin Bridge), continue on Ulmerton for about 6 ½ miles; AJ's will be on your left (heading towards the beach) in between 66th St. and Belcher Rd.

Contacting Me: