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2012 Season Soundtrack: Track 7 Challenge

Somehow, despite the predictions to the contrary, the Minnesota Vikings hold a 5-2 record at nearly the half-way point of the season. Seemed like there should be a track on the 2012 Season Soundtrack to commemorate this unanticipated good record.

Hannah Foslien

Despite gloomy preseason expectations, the Minnesota Vikings find themselves with a 5-2 record and a very real chance of going into the second half of the season 6-2. Not too shabby for a team that had been projected by some to win a mere four games for the entire season and hold down the basement of the NFC North division for a third consecutive season.

Although there is still plenty of season left and the second half of the Vikings schedule is more challenging, laden with divisional games, the Vikings now find themselves a surprising divisional contender with the power-rankings to prove it. It's an impressive turnaround for a team that tied a franchise-worst record in 2011 with a 3-13 record. Some might even say it is miraculous, or freakin' awesome depending on the vernacular.

Even better, Adrian Peterson is looking remarkably similar to his pre-knee injury self, Antoine Winfield seems to have discovered the fountain of youth, Jared Allen and the rest of the defensive line is bringing consistent pressure to opposing quarterbacks, the defensive secondary has shut down elite receivers Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. and Percy Harvin is reaffirming he's the football version of the Swiss Army knife with endless options for confounding opposing teams. There's a lot to be pleasantly surprised about with the 2012 Vikings.

That's why it needs to be commemorated in song--unanticipated success is like that. Fortunately, we have Redemption Songs, the 2012 Season Soundtrack for that. Yep, the Track 7 challenge is to come up with a song to describe the Vikings unexpected success in the first half of the 2012 season. Do you feel confident the current success will continue for the Vikings? Does this surprisingly good record make you feel superstitious? This is how I'm feeling.

Whatever your mood about the Vikings 5-2 record, I'd love to hear your song choices for this Track 7 Challenge. Submit your witty, clever, or apropos song choices in the comments section below. To make sure your song is in the running for our coveted Burger King crown, submit it by 5 pm CDT on Friday, October 25. You can submit up to two songs, just be sure to give me the name of the artist and the song as well as a link to the song on YouTube.

Looking forward to your song selections, I could use something lively for these gray, rainy fall days.