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Where Are The Vikings Scouts This Week?

Kevin C. Cox

College scouting expert Chris Steuber usually puts lists of these games up on his website, but it doesn't appear that he's done one for this week, unfortunately. However, he has put a few games that will have Vikings' scouts in attendance on his Twitter account.

That means no lists of "likely pro" players like the articles from his site have, but you can still speculate on who the Vikings might be watching at the games they've sent scouts to. Here are the tweets that he has put out about which games scouts from the Minnesota Vikings will be attending this week.

Wow. That wasn't quite as exciting as I had hoped it was going to be. I'm sure the team has scouts at more games than just those, but those are the ones that Mr. Steuber has word on.

Hopefully one of the players the Vikings are looking at in that Tennessee/South Carolina game is wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. That guy looks like the real deal at a position that the Vikings, to put it lightly, are a little thin at.