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We've Got A New Store, Folks

If you saw a couple of the Google+ Hangouts that I was a part of a while back, you might (or might not) have noticed that I was rocking a shirt with the new incarnation of the Daily Norseman's logo on it. Since the site changed over, I've had a number of people ask me if we were going to have some sort of t-shirts available.

Well, that day is, officially, today.

Thanks to the folks at Gameday Depot, we now have a brand spanking new store for folks to order shirts bearing the logo of your favorite Minnesota Vikings fan site. (Yes, I mean this one.)

Our new store is located right here. As of now, we have shirts in black, white, purple, and gold. The shirts are very high quality. . .I can attest to that myself. And, in something that will make some folks quite happy (I think), we have both the new logo for the site and the old school, "original" Daily Norseman logo.

So, if you've always wanted your very own DN t-shirt, now you have the opportunity to finally get one. Enjoy, everyone!