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Percy Harvin Wins NFC SPECIAL TEAMS Player Of The Month

Congratulating our hands-down top player for being honored as NFC Player of the Month.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Edit: Obviously I made a big boo-boo here. I originally reported Harvin was the NFC Player of the Month, which wasn't quite right... he was the SPECIAL TEAMS player of the month. Whoops.

And the AFC winner is an old friend to boot, as a matter of fact- Darius Reynaud, who was with us prior to being traded to the Giants at the beginning of the 2010 season. (He now plays for the Titans... oh, the storylines just keep weaving together.)

Not only were these two one-time teammates and now co-best players of the month, but as ProFootballTalk points out, they actually have the same coach to thank: the Detroit Lions Special Teams coach. Aside of course from Harvin's "I score now!" return, Reynaud also scored on a 105-return the week prior against the Lions, as well as being the guy who did that really cool pitch-across-the-field trick to score again later (of course, on another punt).

Of course to believe that Harvin's KO return (read that KO as either ‘kick off' or ‘knock out', it works either way) is the only reason he has achieved this honor is to completely forget that, for the first three games, he practically was the offense. Without Harvin, Ponder likely wouldn't look nearly as good as he had, and I would damn near wager that we'd at best be 1-4 right now. Honestly, for all the Calvin Johnsons, Larry Fitzgeralds, etc. out there, I really can't think of another non-QB offensive player who is so singularly important to their team in the NFL.

It's a good thing Harvin's happy now. He has claimed that his off-season beef was because the players didn't know what their roles would be in our offense this season, but he also sang praises to Bill Musgrave in about the same breath, and has claimed that that issue has been completely put to bed. One thing remains however- we really, really need to be extended his contract. Now. Things like winning ‘player of the month' for putting an entire team in your hands and on your back and willing them to victory isn't going to do anything to lower the price tag. And if the Vikings even think about letting Harvin go after next season without resigning him, I will personally kick Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman in the nuts write a very angry letter.

Skol Vikings, and SKOL PERCY HARVIN!