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NFL Week Five Early Games Open Thread

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

With the Minnesota Vikings in a position that we have not yet seen them in this year. . .that of playing a game that doesn't kick off at noon Central time. . .we have time to soak in some football before the main event of the day (for Vikings fans, in any case) kicks off at the Metrodome.

One NFC North team, the Detroit Lions, is on their bye week this week. The Green Bay Packers will be in action during the early slate of games, while the Chicago Bears will be playing their game at the same time the Vikings are playing theirs.

Here is the full slate of NFL action for today.

CBS Early Games

Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns at New York Giants

FOX Early Games

Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts
Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers
Atlanta Falcons at Washington Redskins

CBS Late Games that don't involve the Minnesota Vikings so you won't be watching them anyway

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills at San Francisco 49ers

Fox Late Games that you won't be watching

Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars
Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

The Sunday night match-up has the San Diego Chargers traveling to the Bayou to take on the winless New Orleans Saints on NBC. On Monday night, the Houston Texans travel north to take on the New York Jets.