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Tennessee Titans At Minnesota Vikings: Second Quarter Open Thread

The game has gotten off to a pretty nice start for the Minnesota Vikings, as they've forced the Tennessee Titans to punt three times in the first quarter of play, and have been all over Tennessee back-up quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Oh, and then there was this hit from Harrison Smith on Titans' receiver Kendall Wright.

The Vikings' second drive resulted in the play you see above, with Percy Harvin carrying the ball into the end zone from four yards out. Earlier in the drive, the Vikings had their longest offensive play of the season, a 45-yard rainbow to Harvin from Christian Ponder.

The Vikings have kept Chris Johnson bottled up thus far, but Hasselbeck is finding some holes in the Minnesota defense in the early going. Brian Robison has one sack, and Kevin Williams should have had one on the first series, but Hasselbeck managed to get away.

After a bit of trickery from the Titans when it appeared that they were going to punt the ball away, Jasper Brinkley forced a fumble from Chris Johnson that was recovered from Smith, and the Vikings took over at their own 29 after a 15-yard penalty on Chris Cook after the play. A holding penalty on Charlie Johnson made it 1st-and-20, and the Vikings now have a 2nd-and-18 from their own 20 coming up.

We're one quarter into the fifth game of the regular season at the Metrodome, and the Minnesota Vikings lead the Tennessee Titans by a score of 7-0.