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MNF Open Thread: It’s Tebow Time (Maybe?)

Join in while watching Monday Night Football, and make your bets on when Tebow will start here.

Jeff Zelevansky - Getty Images

For those who are fans of this great sport we call football, there has always been a bit of a ‘gambling' element involved. Be it bets made in smoke filled Vegas parlors in July about who will win the Super Bowl, a friendly workplace Pick ‘Em league, or even just your fun little no-cash fantasy football league (have I mentioned recently I'm 5-0?), it's existed about as long as the use of oblong, leather covered footballs.

Sometimes when betting on a game, it can be a very simple bet, such as who's going to win. Sometimes it can be a bit more complicated, like picking an over-under or betting against the spread. And sometimes it can be downright absurd, like betting how many times the camera will show Tom Brady's wife at the Super Bowl.

Tonight we watch as the New York Jets face the Houston Texans. One of these teams is competing to remain undefeated. Another is competing to stop being a total laughing stock.

I can't comment on what kinds of ‘silly' bets will be happening, like who will win the coin flip or how many panorama shots of the New York skyline they will show despite the game being played in New Jersey. But in terms of actual football related bets, there's really only one that really matters in this game: which quarter Tim Tebow will be starting in.

My bet? Third quarter, right after halftime. I honestly think Sexy Rexy is prepared for this, and that he'll give Sanchez a full half to prove he doesn't deserve to continue starting before announcing in the locker room at the half the new game plan involving Tebow. You know, run, run again, attempt to pass, hope your kicker can get a field goal.

A part of me almost feels bad about the Jets. This team showed some very brief promise in the beginning of the season, before facing pretty much a total collapse. To make things worse, the injury bug has taken out their best players on both defense and offense. The Texans are on a massive roll and are probably going to have their division locked up by Thanksgiving. You'd almost have to wonder if that team didn't watch the Indianapolis Colts beat the Green Bay Packers (WOOOOOO!!!!!) and say to themselves, "aw s*** not THIS team again... we'd better go and win the Super Bowl now before they become the team that is always in our way again".

Honestly, at this point, if the Jets somehow pull off the upset, even at home, this in my opinion will be an even bigger shock than when the Cardinals beat the Patriots, or when we beat the 49ers. And if Tebow's the one that can do it, prepare yourselves. You may want to stop reading about sports for the next week.

Alrighty then, that's enough out of me. You all enjoy the game and share in your thoughts below. Also, don't forget to place your bets on when Tebow will start- we're not accepting anything after kickoff, as per the typical rule.