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Houston, Apparently, Has A Problem

Hannah Foslien

The play that iced things for the Minnesota Vikings in their 34-24 victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon was a 61-yard touchdown run by Adrian Peterson in the fourth quarter of play. Lions cornerback Chris Houston was injured on the play. . .and, according to him, the Vikings attempted to injure him on purpose.

"Yeah, definitely," Houston said when asked if the play was dirty. "I was on the ground so I didn't get to see who it was but as he pulled I cut him and he was flying over top of me, you could feel him land on my ankle on purpose. But I'll be OK."

Now, from reading what Tom Pelissero has said about the play, the offensive lineman in question was right guard Brandon Fusco. If you click the link to the video above there, you can see Fusco, wearing #63, kicking out to the right to make a block, and a Lions player (who I assume is Houston) going to the ground in front of him. From the limited angle you get on the video there, it looks like Fusco just sort of falls over Houston, and it certainly doesn't appear as though there was any kind of malicious intent.

I think Houston sounds like a guy whose team just got beaten by a team that he and his teammates expected to just roll over on Sunday. Oh, and making excuses for looking foolish on what turned out to be the game's biggest play. But, then, I'm biased on that front.