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Adrian Peterson Says He's Still Recovering

Andy Clayton King

Adrian Peterson continues to re-write the book on how to recover from reconstructive knee surgery, as he has absolutely blistered opposing defenses over the past four weeks. He had a 27-carry, 171-yard performance on Sunday in the Minnesota Vikings' 34-24 victory over the Detroit Lions, including 120 yards and a 61-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter alone.

The scary part? The NFL's best running back told Sports Illustrated's Peter King that he's still recovering.

"Last week in Seattle, on one run, I felt scar tissue break up around my patella tendon on one of my cuts," he said from Minneapolis. "That's part of the recovery, that scar tissue breaking." That's why he thinks he'll continue to get better. I asked him about one particular run last week in Seattle when he got caught from behind on a 74-yard run. You recall it; he was down at the 1 and looked totally spent. "That was simply poor technique," he said. "I was running like Michael Johnson 'til I got to the 30, and I just wasn't running open enough."

So yes. . .Adrian Peterson is on pace for the best season of his NFL career (which would be a huge accomplishment in and of itself), he's averaging 7.7 yards/carry over his last four, and he's back on the top of the NFL running back mountain.

I can't wait to see what he does when he's at 100%.