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AP Fought The Law, And AP Won

All charges stemming from a Houston nightclub incident this past summer have been dismissed.

V is for Victory, bitches.
V is for Victory, bitches.
Andy Clayton King

Back in July, Adrian Peterson was in a Houston nightclub. AP said he was basically minding his own business and got arrested...but it took three cops to subdue him, and only then because he let them. The cops said he was being unruly, resisting arrest, and was generally being a stuck up superstar pain in the ass. They produced this video of Peterson in the police station after he was arrested and many people thought he was on his way to becoming the next public enemy number 1:

Peterson vowed that the truth would come out, and hired notable criminal defense attorney Rusty Hardin, who successfully defended pitcher Roger Clemens from perjury charges.

'C'mon', he said, 'that doesn't even look like me', when asked about that clip that looked suspiciously like a scene from The Terminator.

Earlier today, Peterson was proven right, and all charges against him were dropped.

And although the staff here at the Daily Norseman doesn't condone or encourage the mass murder of police officers, the reaction by some folks over what turned out to be a total and complete bullshit charge made a couple of us think Peterson really had morphed into this soulless killing machine off the field.

Fortunately, we're happy to know that's only on the field, and will continue to be that way.