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What Do You Do Without The Vikings This Week?

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier in the month, we asked you about your viewing ritual for Minnesota Vikings football, and there were plenty of interesting responses to our query.

Well, the good folks at Samsung want to know more about the game day rituals of fans everywhere, and this week that question presents a bit of a problem for Vikings fans. . .mainly because our favorite football team isn't on this week.

With that, I need to ask the members of Vikings nation. . .what's your plan this week without the ability to watch the Minnesota Vikings on television?

Is there a particular game that you're focused on for this week, or a match-up that you find especially intriguing?

Are you going to park yourself in front of the Red Zone Channel and just watch the scoring action take place?

Is there a chance you might. . .gasp. . .do something that doesn't even involve football and might even involve getting out of the house?

How do you intend to tackle the Vikings' bye week, ladies and gentlemen?

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