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Vikings, Wilfs Pledge $100,000 To Hurricane Sandy Victims

Adam Bettcher

Just coming across from Minnesota Vikings' PR guru Jeff Anderson, the Minnesota Vikings and the Wilf family have pledged $100,000 to people who were victims of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast.

From the press release:

"Being from and living in the affected areas, our family has seen first-hand the destruction of Hurricane Sandy," said Vikings Owner/Chairman Zygi Wilf. "As an organization, it is important for us to help raise awareness and support for those impacted by this disaster. Every contribution is critical to helping families and individuals in the region."

The Wilf family is, of course, from New Jersey, an area that was right in the crosshairs of Hurricane Sandy as it came ashore. The money that the team and the Wilf family will be donating will go to the American Red Cross and other local relief efforts across New Jersey and New York. They are also encouraging others to make donations to the American Red Cross, which you can do at their website or by texting "redcross" to 90999 on your cell phone. If you go to the website, you might get a "high traffic warning" from the site. Keep trying, and you'll eventually get through.

Wonderful gesture from the Minnesota Vikings and the Wilf family to make this happen. There were a lot of people that got hammered by this storm, and the money they're pledging will go a long ways towards helping them out.