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Quarterback Controversies. . .No, Not That One

Tom Dahlin

Since there is no quarterback controversy in Minnesota at the present time. . .and let me make that abundantly clear, there is no quarterback controversy in Minnesota at the present time. . .this piece from the folks at the mothership at SB Nation doesn't apply to us directly, but I wanted to point it out anyway.

The article lists the 24 saddest quarterback "controversies" in the NFL since the year 2000. The Vikings do manage to make the list once, with the epic 2008 battle between Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte coming in at #6 on their list.

That's not the surprising part. . .nor is it surprising that Jackson finds himself on the list twice (he's also on there at #22 for his time with the 2011 Seahawks when he and Charlie Whitehurst fought over the starting job). The surprising thing is that it, in my opinion, isn't even the saddest quarterback merry-go-round that Jackson's found himself involved in. I would think that "honor" would go to the Jackson/Brooks Bollinger/Kelly Holcomb trifecta from the 2007 season.

Yes, Tarvaris Jackson, Brooks Bollinger, and Kelly Holcomb once "battled" to be the starting quarterback of an NFL team. And the Vikings still managed to go 8-8 that year. True story.

Since we know that quarterback controversies in Minnesota are as old as. . .well, at least as old as the Minnesota Vikings. . .what are some of the quarterback controversies (sad or otherwise) that you can recall from your time as a Vikings fan?