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GIF: I Don't Know What Pass Interference Is Anymore


Full disclosure. . .this play, ultimately, didn't affect the outcome of the game. The Chicago Bears likely would have beaten the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field even had this call not gone Chicago's way. The Bears were the better team in pretty much every way on Sunday.

That said, the ridiculousness of this call can't be overstated. I'm guessing that you know which play I'm talking about from the headline, but thanks to the folks from the SB Nation studios, here it is once again.

I'm really not sure how Scott Green's crew came to the conclusion that Antoine Winfield was the guilty party here. Bears receiver Brandon Marshall initiates literally all of the contact on this play, from "posting up" Winfield at the beginning of our animation to pushing off when the pass comes in his direction. Yet the little yellow hankie that came out was on Winfield, giving the Bears first-and-goal from the Minnesota 1-yard line.

Like I said, the Bears would have won on Sunday even without this little bit of help, and are a markedly better team than the Vikings. But really. . .if this wasn't offensive pass interference, then OPI apparently doesn't exist in the National Football League any more.