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The DN Survivor Pool Is Still Going. Sort Of.

By my count, there were exactly 100 people that got themselves involved in the Daily Norseman's survival pool on Yahoo! Sports for this season. By the time the final curtain fell on Week 3, there were exactly seven people left. (Man, we're all pretty good at this, hey?)

The number remained at seven until Week 6, when four more players dropped out, leaving a final three of HolySchnikes, Kalil The Pain, and Purple Alchemy. PA fell out in Week 8, and when the St. Louis Rams failed to defeat the New York Jets in Week 11, Kalil The Pain went down and HolySchnikes was the last person left standing.

Congratulations to HolySchnikes on his triumph. . .but apparently that isn't enough for the man. It appears he wants to want to keep going, as he picked a winner in Week 12 as well. Here's the path that HolySchnikes has taken thus far:

Week 1: Houston Texans over Miami Dolphins
Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals over Cleveland Browns
Week 3: Buffalo Bills over Cleveland Browns
Week 4: Atlanta Falcons over Carolina Panthers
Week 5: Baltimore Ravens over Kansas City Chiefs
Week 6: Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Kansas City Chiefs
Week 7: San Francisco 49ers over Seattle Seahawks
Week 8: New York Giants over Dallas Cowboys
Week 9: Indianapolis Colts over Miami Dolphins
Week 10: Pittsburgh Steelers over Kansas City Chiefs
Week 11: New England Patriots over Indianapolis Colts
Week 12: Denver Broncos over Kansas City Chiefs

It appears that the favorite target is the Kansas City Chiefs, and with good reason. . .they're fairly terrible. This week, the Chiefs play the Carolina Panthers. . .not sure how safe a bet that would be, but hey, I got knocked out of this thing in Week 2, so what do I know?

So, good luck the rest of the way, HolySchnikes, should you choose to continue. No pressure or anything. . .we're just all watching now, that's all.