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Percy Harvin A "Long Shot" To Play On Sunday

Stephen Brashear

Well, now that Kyle has given everyone a reason to be pessimistic, let me try to do a little something to brighten everyone's day.

Wait, actually, that probably doesn't make your day any brighter at all.

Zulgad is saying that Harvin won't rule himself out for this Sunday's game at the Metrodome against the Detroit Lions. . .because he's Percy freaking Harvin. . .but it's a "long shot" that he's going to play.

So, a team that's lost three out of its last four and is, apparently, just short of a mutiny from the fan base (and possibly the locker room) is likely going to go into their last game before the bye week minus one of the two guys on the roster that has shown up in a big way every week this season.

Happy Monday, everybody!