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Monday Night Football Open Thread

Rob Carr

Yes, there is another football game left before we finish Week 9 of the 2012 NFL season, and it does hold a particular bit if intrigue.

The New Orleans Saints come into tonight's game with a 2-6 record, and have just received the news that noted dirtbag Sean Payton had his contract extension voided by the league, essentially making him a coaching "free agent." Gee. . .that's awful.

The Philadelphia Eagles, the road team this evening, had a relatively quiet week. Well, if you consider one of the team's cornerbacks (Asante Samuel) basically calling out the team's coach a quiet week. The seat underneath Andy Reid is pretty hot at this point, and it will be interesting to see how Samuel and his Eagles teammates respond to the whole thing.

So, if you'll be watching this evening's game, feel free to talk about it with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans right here. Enjoy the rest of your Monday night, folks!