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No More Musgrave Love?

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Hey, whenever you have a chance to make a Captain and Tennille reference, you take it, I say.

To say that the Minnesota Vikings' passing offense has been in a funk the past few weeks would be akin to saying that water is wet or that the sun rises in the East. Obviously, changes need to be made.

The folks from Pro Football Talk are speculating. . .not reporting, but speculating. . .that if the awful passing performances continue into this week, the guy that designs the Vikings' offense could spend the early part of the Vikings' bye week cleaning out his office.

The Vikings have gone all in with quarterback Christian Ponder, the 12th overall pick in the 2011 draft who was hand picked by G.M. Rick Spielman.

So with Ponder throwing for 58 yards and 63 yards in two of the team's last three games, Ponder won't be getting the blame for the performance. The guy responsible for getting Ponder to perform to the best of his ability likely will.

With the Vikings a week away from their bye week, it's easy to speculate that offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave could soon be on his way out.

The idea has plenty of merit. . .after the Vikings' loss to Tampa Bay on Thursday night football in Week 8, Musgrave and company had ten days to put together some sort of scheme for a Seattle Seahawks' defense that they had to know was going to blitz the heck out of them at every opportunity.

To put it gently. . .they failed.

The passing offense has struggled, to be certain. . .not just this year, but through the better part of last season as well. We thought that most of the problem had to do with Donovan McNabb in 2011, but now with Ponder starting to tank in the passing game as well, one can't help but wonder how much of the issue lies with the offensive coordinator.

Minnesota's offense does seem to be a bit antiquated compared to most NFL offenses. I'm not sure of how many NFL teams regularly roll out on Sundays with just four wide receivers, as Minnesota often does. I know that they want to try to create mismatches with the tight ends, but that hasn't been working, either. . .after a hot start, Kyle Rudolph has just two catches in the last three games, including no catches against Arizona and no catches against Seattle.

Do you think that Bill Musgrave needs to be shown the door going into the Vikings' bye week? Or do you think that the issues lie elsewhere?