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What's Your Game Day Ritual?


We have another Minnesota Vikings game day fast approaching, folks, and with that the folks at Samsung are curious about what your Game Day setup or ritual is.

Most game days, yours truly is (obviously) glued to things here. Actually, the set-up process generally begins the night before. . .since I'm usually doing updates on two different sites (both here and over at the SB Nation Minnesota regional site), I have to get as much stuff done ahead of time as possible. The night before I usually get the proper logos into the game thread, along with the information for the broadcast, since I try to get the post about that done as well to turn it into our Game Day Central stream.

On game day, I'm usually up at around 7 AM. . .keep in mind, kickoff for the early games is at about 10 AM where I'm at. My internet browser has a bunch of different tabs up and running, to include this site and SB Nation Minnesota, our super secret SB Nation clubhouse where we usually get our GIFs and things like that, (so I can follow the play-by-play and get yardage and so forth), and a couple of others. I also usually fire up Tweetdeck so I can keep an eye out for any last-minute developments that come across the wire.

Usually one of the things that comes across the Tweetdeck is the inactive lists for both teams. Using the info from there, I put an update together and put it into the stream, and the Open Thread for the first quarter usually goes up at about that time as well. After that, I've got a little free time, so I wander down to the local convenience store and get the beverage selection for the day. . .usually a wide assortment of sodas (since I probably couldn't function if I attempted to drink and blog at the same time). After that, it's grabbing one of my Vikings jerseys out of the closet to throw on, parking in the recliner, and watching our favorite football team. . .or the RedZone Channel if the Vikings are playing the late game that week.

Terribly exciting, isn't it?

What do you good people do when preparing to watch the Vikings? Do you prefer to do it from the comfort of home? Travel to one of the local establishments? Do you watch the game on your own or with a group of folks? Any rituals or traditions that you try to uphold every week?

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