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Championship Saturday Open Thread

Eric Francis

Hey, there's lots of college football to be played today, and the big games are the ACC, Big Ten, and SEC championship games.

At the conclusion of today's games, the BCS bowls will be fully set, but we already know that Notre Dame is one half of the BCS championship game. The other team will be the winner of the SEC Championship between Georgia and Alabama.

The Rose Bowl also has half of their equation solved, as Stanford beat UCLA last night. The winner of the Big Ten championship game will be the other half of that equation, and that game features Nebraska against Wisconsin, tonight at 7 PM on Fox.

I really hate Wisconsin, so I think today, we're all Cornhuskers.

But there's lots of other football going on, and some Big 12 games will decide who will be their champion. At 10 teams, they do not have a conference championship game.

For those of you that follow college football, follow it here!