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Weather Could Make 2014 And 2015 Even More Interesting

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Hannah Foslien

Have to give a hat tip to our friends over at The Phinsider, who found this story first.

The Weather Channel. . .yes, the Weather Channel. . .put up an interesting football-related story today, as they rated all of the NFL cities based on which ones have the worst weather. Obviously, Minneapolis generally doesn't get a lot of play when it comes to discussions of weather, but it's something worth noting in light of the fact that the Vikings are looking at a couple of seasons outdoors in the near future.

The factors that The Weather Channel looked at while compiling their rankings were the following:

-Days when the temperature got above 90 degrees (because playing football when it's hot can be pretty miserable, too)
-Days with at least 0.1" of liquid precipitation
-Days with accumulating snow
-Days with high temperatures of 32 degrees or lower
-A factor for averaged sustained wind speed (though they never really specify what that "factor" is)

So, after all of these factors were calculated (and all the cities with domed stadiums factored into the list), the folks from The Weather Channel determined that Minneapolis has the second-worst weather of all the National Football League cities. Worse than Green Bay. . .worse than Detroit. . .worse than Chicago. . .worse than every other National Football League city except for Buffalo, New York. The gap between Buffalo and Minneapolis for first and second is nearly twice as large as the gap between Minneapolis and third-place Cleveland.

With the Vikings apparently on track to play both the 2014 and 2015 seasons at TCF Bank Stadium, it will be interesting to see if they can turn the weather into the same kind of home-field advantage that Vikings' teams of old enjoyed at Metropolitan Stadium.

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