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Vikings At Rams: Game Time And Broadcast Info

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We're down to just three games remaining in this 2012 NFL season for the Minnesota Vikings, and they'll head to the Edwards Jones Dome to do battle with the St. Louis Rams a little less than 24 hours from now. Here's everything you need to know about how to follow along with all the action.

Kickoff Time: This game, as well as the games for the next two weeks (barring any last-minute changes in Week 17) will kick off at noon Central time. No surprises there.

TV Info: This game, along with the Vikings' other two remaining games, will be broadcast on FOX. According to the information from the good folks at The 506, I have reason to be pretty happy this week. That's because the FOX announcing team for this one will feature Charles Davis on the color commentary. . .and Gus Johnson providing the play-by-play. Yes, I know that Gus is a bit of an acquired taste. . .I like the guy. And hey, if Adrian Peterson has any long runs in this one, the audio call should be pretty awesome.

Folks watching in Canada can get this one on CTV if they're in Winnipeg, it appears. For folks watching in the United Kingdom, it appears that this one is only available on NFL Game Pass. For our men and women overseas, this game won't be shown live. However, in a development I've just found out about since I've been overseas, throughout the course of the week, AFN will eventually replay all of the NFL games. The game between the Vikings and the Rams will be shown on AFN Xtra at 1500Z on the 17th. That's 4 PM local in Central Europe, 7:30 PM local in Afghanistan, and midnight on the 18th for folks in Japan and Korea.

For those of you stateside that are watching through DirecTV's Sunday Ticket package, the game will be on Channel 708.

Radio Info: The Vikings Radio Network will provide your usual hook-up for this week's action. Be sure to find an affiliate in your area. On the satellite radio side, those of you with XM Radios, you're stuck exclusively with the Rams feed on Channel 231. If you have a Sirius Radio, you can catch the Vikings feed on Channel 138 and the Rams feed on Channel 112.

Weather Info: Dome game! No weather! That should be the case for the next two games, too, unless the folks from Houston feel like opening the roof next week for whatever reason.

And if you're looking for last-minute Minnesota Vikings tickets to attend this week's game, you can find them at the link there.