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Vikings at Rams: Third Quarter Open Thread

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings has opened up a can of whoopass on the St. Louis Rams.

After the Rams tied the game at 7 on a very nice reception by Brian Quick, the Vikings went HAM, lead by Adrian Peterson.

After being held to 8 yards on as many carries, Peterson broke in the open for an 82 yard touchdown, and Peterson has gone over the 100 yard mark again this season, rushing for 119 yards on 13 carries. The Vikings have also converted two Rams turnovers into points. Rams QB Sam Bradford muffed a snap, and althought the Vikings couldn't move the ball, Blair Walsh hit a 50 yard FG. On the ensuing Rams drive, Everson Griffen picked off Sam Bradford and went 29 yards for the pick 6.

And they way he carried the ball and threw a stiffarm would've made Chuck Foreman proud.

After the Rams rookie kicker Jeff Zeuerlein missed on a 59 yard fg (LOLWUT) the Vikings were set up with great field position, and as the half drew to a close, Blair Walsh, who's Latin name is Legomatic, kicked a 42 yard fg, giving the Vikings a 30-7 lead after 30 minutes.

The Vikes get the ball to open the second half, and could put the game away with a TD on their opening drive. SKOL VIKES!