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Minnesota Vikings Coaches And The Playoffs

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Adam Bettcher

The Minnesota Vikings still have a shot at the 2012 NFL playoffs. However, in this installment of our series sponsored by the folks at Gillette, we're going to take a look at the Vikings' playoff past to ask a question of you, the Viking faithful.

Since they came into the league in 1961, only the Dallas Cowboys have made more trips to the NFL playoffs than the Minnesota Vikings. Of the eight head coaches in Vikings' history, five of them have made playoff appearances. Those coaches are Bud Grant, Jerry Burns, Dennis Green, Mike Tice, and Brad Childress. The three that have not (or, at least, not yet) guided the Vikings to the post-season are Norm van Brocklin (the first coach in Vikings history), Les Steckel, and Leslie Frazier.

So, my question to you is. . .if the Minnesota Vikings were to make the playoffs, which of their former coaches would you feel the most comfortable with leading them to the playoffs?

(And, yes, I used the Childress picture because he and Leslie Frazier are the only ones I have readily available pictures of.)

Now, to be fair, I'm going to leave Bud Grant off of the poll here. . .because, you know, he's the obvious answer and would completely run away with the whole thing. And I will throw Leslie Frazier in there, since he still has a shot to do so this year and is the current coach.

Here is a bit of the resumes of the coaches involved.

Leslie Frazier - 2.5 seasons as head coach, 14-22 regular season record, no playoff appearances
Brad Childress - 4.5 seasons as head coach, 39-35 regular season record, two playoff appearances, 1-2 post-season record, 1 NFC Championship Game appearance
Mike Tice - 4 seasons (plus one game) as head coach, 32-33 regular season record, one playoff appearance, 1-1 post-season record, 0 NFC Championship Game appearances
Dennis Green - 10 seasons (minus one game) as head coach, 159-97 regular season record, eight playoff appearances, 4-8 post-season record, 2 NFC Championship Game appearances
Jerry Burns - 6 seasons as head coach, 52-43 regular season record, three playoff appearances, 3-3 post-season record, 1 NFC Championship Game appearance

That's our debate question for this week, folks. . .which former (or current) Vikings coach would you feel most comfortable seeing lead the Vikings into the post-season?

Have at it, everyone!